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  Maritime Industry Consultants gives you:
  • Track record of success
  • Substantive involvement in novel regulatory and technology issues in marine industry
  • Extensive public and private sector experience

Welcome to Maritime Industry Consultants (MIC) which provides a broad range of consulting services to maritime industry clients. MIC provides strategic advice and counsel to senior management in marine businesses to develop and implement novel and creative strategies to resolve complex regulatory issues.
 Approach, based on experience in both the public and private sectors, is to devise strategies with the highest likelihood of success by integrating corporate objectives with public and regulatory policy objectives to create "win-win" outcomes.  This requires the a deep understanding of the marine and transportation industries; direct involvement with the fast-developing area of marine LNG and a knowledge and understanding of regulatory structures and processes at all levels of government. 
Recent Success
  • Direct involvement in a groundbreaking project to convert two ocean going vessels to use liquefied natural gas (LNG) as a fuel and construct the first dedicated LNG marine fueling terminal in the United States. MIC developed and implemented a successful regulatory strategy which resulted in the first approval of a project of this type by federal agencies.  Following approval, I remained involved in all aspects of the project, which requires the development of entirely new regulatory structures, as well as development of new technologies and operational processes. 

  • Continued involvement with major U.S. maritime company on issues related to LNG regulation and operations.

  • Extensive public speaking on issues related to LNG regulation and publication of articles in marine industry press.

Contact: John E. Graykowski  321.394.5099